Singles of 2017: 3) Elbow ft John Grant – Kindling (Fickle Flame)

Had a circular saw blade

Where I should have had a heart

I was trusted, I adored her

And I tore it all apart…

When the album Little Fictions was released at the start of the year, it was clear that the magic lyric writing pen of Guy Garvey had hit a supercharged purple patch. So many quotable lines and notable songs were on display, but last track Kindling wasn’t initially one of them for me. Enter stage left the fine figure of John Grant (there was some kind of “beard-off” going on with Guy I suspect) and all of a sudden the song became a different proposition. Seldom can two voices have blended so well to create the smoothest of sounds. Sometimes you are just in a state of complete thankfulness (and a bit on the teary side if I’m honest) for the joyous harmonies that the human voice can create.

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