I’m a life long music lover who always has a tune in her head. Finally I’ve found a way of expressing my thoughts, which can involve a fair degree of gush and ramble.

My first musical memory was singing along at the top of my voice “Sugar, Oh honey honey, you are my candy girl” when I was about 3. It was playing on a portable record player at my Grandma’s house. My parents were youths of the Sixties (although they claim that nothing very exciting happened in the small Yorkshire village they grew up in) but they did infuse me with sufficient Beatles music for me to know a good tune when I heard one. I grew up listening to my Dad play his guitar every evening, living with a pile of sheet music, and a sound track of finger picking Blues, and the seventies monster epics of Mike Oldfield and Rick Wakeman. It shaped me into something of a muso geek in my teen years. I would listen to the chart run down on a transistor radio at lunchtime at school & write down the Top 40 religiously. (I probably shouldn’t own up to such sad behaviour!). Top of the Pops was my everything back then.

The music industry has changed so much since those halcyon days, and I don’t pretend to understand it in any way, all I know is that I would itch and get restless if I couldn’t plug myself into my tunes each day. It’s part of the person I am.

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  1. Thanks for the visit. My music education came from friends rather than family which was almost utterly unmusical. I’m with you on the top 40. And radio Lux under the blankets listening to Kid Jensen. Happy days desperately hoping my parents went out so I could watch OGWT.

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