10 Reasons to love: Elbow, The Bones of You.


If you can’t think of ten, you don’t really love it.

1) All ten reasons could refer to the pure poetry of the lyrics. Such a romantic tale of a love lost but not forgotten, and consequently yearned for at the most unexpected of moments when a trigger clicks. The album, The Seldom Seen Kid, was packed with proper grown up sentiments, articulated beautifully by Guy “the lyrical genius” Garvey. The man should be Poet Laureate. My two favourite lines are:

2) “And it’s you and it’s May” … Or is it “And it’s you and it’s me”? On first listen it seems the you and me option is correct, but I’m inclined to think that a wordsmith such as Mr Garvey is unlikely to commit pronunciation crimes. The month of May has it. And it’s written that way on the video. QED.

3) “And image on image like beads on a rosarypulled through my head as the music takes hold. In my head I can see beads pulled across in time with that line – a piece of immaculate musical timing.

4) The song kicks off with the some rather lovely shaky shaky tippy tappy percussion.

5) The base line is entrancingly bassy. I assumed it was a guitar, but I rather like the multi-tasking fella crouched over that small but perfectly formed keyboard.

6) The backing singers really look like they’re loving their work – I can’t stand moody ones! The truth is that I always wanted to wear a little black dress and shimmy around behind a microphone (but clearly that involves a degree of talent that I’m sadly lacking).

7) 2:37 – the guitar riffs kick in and it’s one of those beautiful moments.

8) 2:49 – another one! Double whammy!

9) Oooo, Oooo, Oooo.

10) I love the fact that Guy Garvey looks nothing like your average pop star. In a business rampant with so much guff about image and profile, where seemingly everyone has to look like they’ve walked out of the gym and had themselves preened, dressed and beautified, he just a normal cuddly bear of a man. It adds gravitas somehow.

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