Single review – The Muffin Heads, Queen Bitch

20160306-IMG_1471Studio shoot 1-2.jpg

When a waffle gets approached by a muffin, it sounds like a bakery love match made in heaven. Add to it the fact that The Muffin Heads are local talent, who have had exposure on BBC Introducing, and my crispy carbs start crunching.

The Muffin Heads are a three piece punk/grunge/rock sandwich hailing from Essex, the line up consisting of Bex Dolan (vocals/bass), Pete Holland (backing vocals/guitar) and Nick Metcalfe (drums). Citing influences such as Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop and Kyuss, they provide hard riffs and growling honest vocals. Their striking artwork is produced by Pencutz, described as “another ally and crucial illusive independent artistic member of The Muffin Heads.”

The Muffin Heads debuted by recording a cover of ‘I Love You All The Time’ as part of the PAIX project in November 2015. The cover featured in Round Three of Eagles of Death Metals #playitforward campaign. This is where they met producer and sound engineer Tom Donovan, who they subsequently worked with again on ‘Queen Bitch’. The band are incredibly proud that ‘I Love You All The Time’ was digitally released globally across all mediums by Eagles Of Death Metal alongside Elton John and The Strokes. Most importantly it continues to generate much support for those affected by the Paris attacks in November. ( All of the proceeds of this, including iTunes publishing rights, go to The Sweet Stuff Foundation which is donating the monies on to FENVAC and Fondation de France, who support those affected.

The band teamed up with London based indie label, Regent Street Records, to release a double A side single Queen Bitch/Media Vulture. Queen Bitch has quite an unsettling video to go with it, until you see the hood come off at the end and realise that this aggression is not aimed towards some helpless victim. Media Vulture, as the title suggests, berates the perennial villains of communication. If you were expecting something soft, squidgy and doughy, think again!

Download Queen Bitch HERE

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