EP Review: Christopher Matthewson, Somewhere In Between


Indie folk-rocker Christopher Matthewson is a 21 year old singer/songwriter originally from Rathmullen, Ireland, but now based in Brighton, who shows a maturity and depth beyond his years in his thoughtful music. Christopher uses his incredible voice to tell stories of observational triumph and his impressive guitar skills and song writing prowess blend acoustic folk with 60’s blues and modern soul to create music in the same vein as Joni Mitchell, George Harrison and Ray LaMontagne. Christopher is trying to bring back an earthy soul into music that is written and consumed by the iPod generation. His music harks back to a time when political thoughts were encouraged.
Two tracks on the EP stand out in particular – Land Of The Used starts with a violin and acoustic guitar and paints a vivid picture with its lyrics. “Now grey seeps into your hair, your youth has abandoned you, grow gracefully old, you are worth much more than you know,” is a striking observation for one so young and an appealing lyric to one of my years. Then there is a tempo change part way through the song as Christopher warns, “Don’t give your heart to a gambler, he will only push you away.” It turns out that the gambler is the singer himself.
Title track Somewhere In Between starts gently enough, but steps up a gear three minutes in when he lets lose with a funky vocal uplift teamed with hitting a real groove on the guitar. A song with “a moment” sticks in the memory.
The final track on the EP is a cover of Woodstock, and it’s always welcome to hear a cover done where you recognise the song, but it’s very different to the original.
The EP adds something warm, melodic and deep to your listening portfolio.
Catch up with Christopher playing live over the next couple of months, including an appearance at the legendary Ronnie Scotts in London on 15th November.

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