Something *new* to listen to Summer 16


Last Christmas I put together a blog of less well known music that I had enjoyed on my musical travels, and it proved to be very well received. With so many talented artists out there needing exposure, I decided to revisit the idea for a new batch of music.

  1. Something Irish

Aislinn Logan – Iron Wax

Twitter: @AislinnLogan

Facebook: HERE

2. Something jazzy

Rob Godfrey – Baby Not Now

Twitter: @RobGodfreyMusic

Facebook: HERE

3. Something Columbian

Vanessa Forero – Raven

Twitter: @vforeromusic

Facebook: HERE

4. Something anthemic

Speak Brother – Lions Roar

Twitter: @SpeakBrotherUK

Facebook: HERE

5. Something summery

Clear Six featuring Curtis T Johns – Sunshine

Twitter: @ClearSix @CurtisTJohns

Facebook: HERE and HERE


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