Spring Playlist 2015


For a Spring playlist we are looking for something new and fresh. Something to drag us out of the Winter blues and make us feel that we might be able to trust that watery wink from Mr Sun and dispense with the third layer of clothing. A tune that may tempt us to gamble like a lamb or gleefully toss a pancake. If we squint hard we can see a Summer festival on the horizon. Life’s on the up.

James Bay – Hold Back The River

Twitter spoke and I listened. This is the guy that the @music_waffle followers are listening to at the moment, and as a local lad, I’m only too happy to give him a shout out. Winner of the Critics’ Choice BRIT Award for 2015, there’s a big future ahead of him. Good luck to Hertfordshire’s finest.


Sonya Titus – Ok In The Morning

Even though the springs on her bed are dying and the feathers underneath her are lying, the lovely Sonya has a super sweet voice on this track, perfectly light and airy for extra springy-ness.


Mark Ronson Ft Mystikal – Feel Right

Tempted as I was to chose the track Daffodils (to fit the theme), this is my favourite from the album. The unstoppable forces of the Bruno bunch and uber cool Ronson carry on the momentum created in Uptown Funk in this frisky little number, overlaid by the rowdiness of Mystikal.



Fall Out Boy – Irresistible

Competing with Ronson for the number one album with American Beauty/American Psycho were the Fall Out Boys, demonstrating in this video an amazing range of ways not to score a goal in Basketball.


Anna Pancaldi – Out Ahead

This track, produced by Grammy winning producer Simon Gogerly, is an intriguing introduction to Anna’s voice. The urge to over-trill is resisted, but there are clearly some vocal tricks in the tank.


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Ballad Of The Mighty I

A guest starring performance on guitar from the legendary Johnny Marr, and a hilarious video where the eye of Noel positively withers the pretentious director wanting him to “keep it super loose with lots of energy in the eyes.” Clearly the jacket on/jacket off issues tie in with the changeable temperature at this time of year. It’s good to have Mr G back on the scene.


Gallery Circus – Hollywood Drip

With Royal Blood paving the way for guitar and drum rock duos, these boys add a touch of falsetto to the recipe for their own flavour. In this video, by the time this messy pair finish their song, they definitely need to get on with some Spring cleaning. Boys will be boys.


Drenge – Never Awake

Another rock duo, now trio, with a track to kick Winter 14/15 into touch. No chance of hibernating through the Easter storm when the new album hits in April.


Hozier – Take Me To Church

We need a reverent nod to the religious establishment in respect of the time of year. And no one says Amen better than the lovely Irish tones of Hozier.


Muse – Dead Inside

A bit of a resurrection this, with one of the world’s biggest bands reverting to their early sound, and performing a miracle of sorts by producing a tour from nowhere.


I hope you like my selections – what’s on your Spring Playlist?



  1. some great selections there. Especially like Anna Pancaldi’s voice on this track. Really lovely. I need to check out more stuff by Hozier and Fall Out Boy and Drenge sound pretty good from this track. I have had Noel’s new album playing on a loop for about two weeks now (so that’s pretty much been my Spring Soundtrack) but hadn’t seen the video for Ballad of the Mighty I. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your feedback. Noel G is a legend indeed and he notoriously hates music videos, which is what makes that one so funny! The new Drenge album is out tomorrow, so I’ll be doing a review of that soon. X

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