11 reasons to ♥ ‘Uninvited’ at Koko

Team Matt Cardle

Koko was the first time many people had seen Matt live other than in the cavernous arenas of the X Factor tour, and the band were somewhat of an unknown quantity. Letters hadn’t yet been released. It was all a bit new, and few really had any idea what to expect.

So… ‘Uninvited’ – the encore. The show up to this point had revealed that:
– Matt’s voice was sublime and – as everyone who has seen him since knows – even more impressive live.
– While each member was an excellent musician in his own right, the band were surprisingly tight given how little time they had actually *been* a band.
– The songs on the album were pretty darn good.

The video does a great job of capturing the atmosphere and the performance – with the added bonus of multiple viewing angles. Why do we ♥ it so…

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