Album Review: Rubylux, The World Goes Quiet.


I first came across Rubylux in the summer of 2012, when they supported local boy Matt Cardle at the stunning Highbarn venue in Essex. In my head, the true name of the band is “Rubylux, Land of the Giants”, with the twin-towering, guitar-toting duo of Rob and Clark creating an imposing presence stage front. They made a good impression that night, and having followed their progress since then, this album feels like a familiar friend, with much of the material having been played live for some time now.

The album makes a strong start with the opening trio of treats: the title track, Black Sun Needs Sparks and I Don’t Want Paradise. Lovers of New York gives a touching and tender mid album lull. Just at the point when I was thinking that I could do with “feeling” the guitars a bit more, it kicks it with Tell Me Where You Wanna Go and Order Me Double, which give the album a rockier edge. Screaming Surrender is a live favourite (“Sculpture of an angel in ice stands before me. The more I hold her, the more she melts away”) and the final track, Sound of Light, with it’s mournful violin introduction, rounds things off in a truly satisfying manner.

It’s pretty hard to pick fault with this accomplished collection of songs from a very likeable bunch of guys. It’s the sort of “proper, sensible” music that seems lacking from the charts at the moment. The boys recently made it onto the Radio 2 playlist, and appeared on the Chris Evans Radio Show, with Usain “Lightening” Bolt no less! Let’s hope it’s the start of a big break for the jewels that are Rubylux.

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