Top 5 Singles Of 2018: 5) Bring Me The Horizon, Mantra

Could I have your attention please?

In terms of musical diversity, the sound waves are becoming ever more dominated by pop, so I feel it’s important to include a rock track in my top 5. Forced as I am to listen to far too much Radio 1 in the car by the offspring, this song has been a real tonic when it’s been played, cutting through their pretty repetitive and uninspiring output.

Do you want to start a cult with me? (They are likening a cult with a relationship here) Yes please, if it’s full of variation! Whilst I wouldn’t really want Jive Bunny and The Birdie Song back in our consciousness, the fact is that we used to have a huge spread of the wonderful, way out and downright bizarre in the charts, and for all the streaming and uploading to the Internet there is nowadays that supposedly provides opportunities for all, we just don’t have that spread of sonic representation anymore.

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