A Modern Christmas Playlist

Time to repost this I think.

music waffle.

As you may know dear readers, I have a pretty low regard for Christmas records. Generally speaking they are cheesy tunes that would never make an impression in their own right at any other time of year. This year, however, I made it my mission to hunt down some newer songs to try and break through this barrier of indifference and put some new energy into my Christmas music. It wasn’t easy, as it involved listening to a whole lot of dreadful tripe, however the truth is out – there’s HUNDREDS of Christmas songs! More Christmas songs than Santa has elves. It’s just that we get played the same boring ones over and over on the radio and telly. Allow me to intoduce to you a selection of more modern festive tunes – hopefully there’s something new here for you too.

1) Coldplay – Christmas Lights.

Chris Martin goes into…

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