Ben Howard releases Noonday Dream

Ben Howard’s third album builds on the rich atmospheric path he started with his previous effort, I Forget Where We Were. That album contained the absolute masterpiece that is The End Of The Affair (see 10 Reasons to Love: Ben Howard, The End Of The Affair) and once an artist has released a song like that, it’s hard to imagine how they will follow it up or top it. But hold your horses, here comes A Boat To An Island On The Wall. It is doubtful that there will be a more exquisitely crafted 7 minutes and 10 seconds of music in 2018. It typifies Ben’s approach to song writing – he won’t be rushed, and with a low voice that completely connects to your soul, there’s comfort, beauty and warmth to immerse yourself in. Ben is definitely a class act and this album is one to switch off to the world and lose yourself in.

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