Arctic Monkeys head for another planet


After months of anticipation the fifth Arctic Monkeys album, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino has finally dropped. In some people’s opinion like a dead duck. It is possibly one of the most divisive albums of recent times, with an accusation that no singles were out prior to release, and tour tickets were sold by the shed load before a note was heard, because it was clear that there would be a wtf reaction to it. And I did have a wt actual f reaction to it!


It’s Alex Turner, lyrical genius, and that part is still strong and intriguing. I won’t bore you with the many quotable words, but he must have done something right if, “Good morning cheese burger” has started being the first words to come into my head at the start of the day. Thankfully some songs are growing on me, notably Four Out Of Five, the title track and She Looks Like Fun. My review of AM was the first I published on the blog, with the title, “More hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box” (read it HERE: Album review: Arctic Monkeys AM. More hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box.) and one of the immediate issues with this album is that there are so few hooks and riffs. But I never was expecting AM part 2 so I’ll keep listening to see if I can unpack the complexities of what this album is trying to achieve. First thoughts are that it’s just too subtle and clever for its own good.

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