Queens Of The Stone Age release new video for Head Like A Haunted House

One of the stand out tracks from last year’s album, Villains (see a full review HERE) this song has been given a new lease of life with its own animated video. Josh Homme flits between being on the one hand, bed bound,  and on the other, strutting about with what I think may *possibly* be an airbrushed body, as all manner of creepiness flies about – bats, UFOs, knives and skeletons. The video allows you to clarify the motor fast word play lyrics that may have passed you by initially – “Xana-dos and Xana-don’ts, edumacate me copulate me” is particularly wonderful. “The A-B-Cs Of leprosy, need a hand take mine” accompanied by the loss of said extremity (whoops!) and Josh singing about, “The circumstances in my pantses,” are certainly amusing moments. The verdict? Subleem-sublime of course!


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