Muse’s Thought Contagion is spreading

Following on from stand alone single, Dig Down, the band’s only release of 2017, Muse are back with a political commentary in Thought Contagion. “You’ve been bitten by someone’s false beliefs,” reflects how in modern times a crazy idea or extreme ideology can spread seemingly beyond what base logic would believe possible. It seems that the boys rather like this idea of concentrating on one particular song and nurturing it as an entity, rather than looking at concepts for albums and threading themes and motifs through one album cycle. We are promised a further couple of singles this year, with the resultant album sometime later in 2018/19. It’s a refreshing change from the way things work at the moment – Justin Timberlake dropped three songs and videos just prior to the release of Man Of The Woods, and it can seem like an album is pretty much over and done with very quickly.

So go retro and savour the single with Muse.


  1. I love Muse, but for some reason, most of their songs take several listens to grow on me. At first, I didn’t much care for “Thought Contagion,” though I wanted to like it. But after hearing it three or four times I got to really like it. I think this conundrum may be due to the fact their songs are not overly catchy, but instead rather complex things that need to be carefully listened to in order to fully appreciate all the nuance in the music and lyrics.

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    1. I think it comes across as overly dramatic at first, but maybe this approach of concentrating on tracks as single means that you get a full hit, rather than the sometimes understated tracks you get when they are part of an album puzzle.

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