New video from Jake Bugg: In The Event Of My Demise

Jake’s latest video shows footage from his recent unplugged tour, part two of which continues in the UK next month. Recent album, Hearts That Strain, had a very stripped back, country music feel to it. This track finds the young man feeling a little world weary as he contemplates his possible end:

In the event of my demise,

Pull a penny from my eyes,

Heads you get my gold,

Tails you get my debt,

In the event of my demise…

Contrasting with this is a rather sarcastic chorus, “Oh no, look at them go, didn’t they love me so?” Jake sings this kind of sorrowful tune so beautifully, often seeming deeper and older than 23 years could realistically bring. A rare talent.

Buy tickets to see Jake live here:

Featured image of Jake at Union Chapel, London taken by @GentlyWeeping.

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