Gig Review: Kasabian, O2 Forum Kentish Town


It’s always a thrill to see a big band in a small venue, so this mini tour at reasonably mini venues ahead of the release of new album, For Crying Out Loud, was cause for celebration. Having the gig as a paperless event with ID required for entry meant that real fans and not secondary sites got a fair crack of the whip for obtaining tickets (hopefully this system will become the norm). So it was a bit of an OMG moment to walk in and find ourselves so close to the front when you’ve been used to being half a football pitch away from the action at several times the price.

The support group Cabbage, or Cabij as it was spelled on the drum (NB this kind of deliberately wrong spelling gets right on my wick) drew some bemused looks from the crowd at times. You really need to do more than pull your T Shirt up and put your hands down your trousers to be interesting and edgy. Moving swiftly on…

The arrival of Kasabian metamorphosized a previously normal looking bunch of gig neighbours into a bouncing shoving bundle of enthusiasm. The first beer rinse followed shortly and it was game on. Elbows out and a wide stance (for a good centre of gravity) were needed for what was a little like an all over body massage by the world’s clumsiest and most cack-handed apprentice.


Kasabian’s music is at its best played live – they know exactly how to hook a crowd in with the required sing along elements. They played new tracks You’re In Love With A Psycho, Bless This Acid House and the very promising Ill Ray (The King) – the crowd were impressive in their reaction to these tracks considering they’ve only been around a week or so and gave them the same gusto as old favourites such as Club Foot, Re-Wired and Empire. Sergio had a foray into the crowd and it has to be said that the boys looked in thoroughly good humour. Sometimes in interviews they come across as taking themselves a bit too seriously and being rather aloof, but they looked genuinely chuffed at the audience reaction and Tom was often touching base with Serge in an “I can’t quite believe how great this crowd is” way.


Then again, how could it ever get old to see people losing their inhibitions and throwing themselves into the pleasure of the moment? It was another top performance from Kasabian and all the better for being small and perfectly formed.

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