EP Review: David Bowie, No Plan

To mark what would have been David Bowie’s 70th birthday and a year on from his death, his final studio recordings have been released on this EP. All the songs have previously been released on the soundtrack of the Musical Theatre show Lazarus and were recorded at the time of his last album, Blackstar.

Putting this EP into context means that it’s hard not to hear every lyric as a voice from the grave, and feel it as a prophesy of his death. Lazarus, “Look at me now, I’m in heaven,” No Plan, “Here, there’s no music here,” and on Killing A Little Time, “I’m falling man, I’m choking man, I’m fading man, I’m the broken line.” And it’s a bitter sweet experience listening to the songs, which are top quality with full essence of Bowie. A wonderful addition to the music collection, but why oh why did he have to go when he was still making such good music? The video for No Plan, which really does bring a lump to the throat, was filmed in the shop window of a launderette in Brockley. Such normality for such a more than normal artist. You’d imagine that they may get a few extra noses on the window as the tumble dryers rotate in the future. Killing A Little Time is full of power and grit with a killer guitar riff backed by jazzy dystopia – an angry moment from our favourite pensioner. And When I Met You has that loose Bowie swagger to it. The EP is really like an extra bit to the Blackstar album, a year behind, and with that receiving so many plaudits and award nominations, it’s a testament to what a good EP this is. 

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