EP Review: Aislinn Logan, Lost Or Gone

thumbnail_Lost or Gone Press shot 1
Aislinn Logan is an Irish 22 year old multi- instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Belfast, who plays the electric and acoustic guitar, piano, synth and cello. She moved to London in September and has been gigging around the capital.
This EP was written at the end of her University Degree at that turning point between childhood and adulthood. The ‘coming of age’ phase. To quote Aislinn, “Some (songs) are about some experiences I’ve had that I wrote about as a sort of ‘processing mechanism’. Some of those experiences were from my childhood – I think that we’re all survivors of our childhood in some shape or form. I suppose writing music isn’t about imposing an experience on others. I’ve tried to leave them open to suggestion and make them accessible.”
Although Aislinn likes people to be able to listen to her music and lyrics and draw their own conclusions, she has kindly given me some background information on the stories behind the tracks.
1. Wild: Written as she was about to leave Uni, it was in that ‘what the hell am I going to do with my life’ phase when it was scary to realise that it’s all a bit of a jungle.
2. Iron Wax:   Growing up in Belfast, acceptance and tolerance are an important thing in Aislinn’s life. The theme and tone of the song is that despite differences, we’re all the same. The subject matter makes this a touching song, “We were taught to keep our feet on solid ground, don’t get caught with the enemy lurking around …hold your fire, keep the guns down way below, and hold me higher, keep me in your watchtower, and hold your fire, hold your fire.”
3. Poison: The lyrics are quite personal but it’s essentially a dialogue of struggle.
4. Flying Kites: This song is about growing up with a partner in crime. “Freckle dusted noses creasing in the sun, milky pearls fall down one by one, well now we’ve grown a little taller, our flying kites are long gone in the fray, and now those tents seem a little smaller, but through it all you are here,” with a gorgeous harmonising vocal and echoing fade out.
Unbelievably the whole EP was recorded in a living room and co-produced with a sound engineer called Carl Small. Aislinn must have a far more atmospheric living room than most, because whilst not perfect, it is atmospheric and warm. She has a lovely voice, and although you can sense that there is a lot of scope in it, she resists the urge to “over-warble”, as many young singers do in an attempt to impress. She also shows an ability to write about interesting and deep subject matter.
The first track, Wild, has been given ‘Single of the Week’ by Janice Forsyth at BBC Radio Scotland. Hear Aislinn chatting on the show HERE (from 1:35:50). 
There are upcoming gigs planned at The Boogaloo in Highgate on Monday 13th June and at The Islington in July.
Lost Or Gone can be downloaded HERE

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