Autumn Playlist 2015


Before the hideousness of Christmas songs is upon us, here’s a few to occupy the mind and blank out the “festivities” for as long as is possible. In denial about Christmas? Not I.

Sam Smith – Writing’s On The Wall

As a rule I’m not a big fan of Bond themes, or much of a Sam Smith admirer, but I really like this. Sam says it’s so high, he has to grab his balls to get up there. Whatever it takes, Sam!

Adele – Hello

The writing is on the wall indeed with this track. By the time I got home from work to watch the video on it’s first day, it had clocked up a cool 22 million views. It’s staggering how popular some artists are, and the rest of the music industry may as well take a holiday for the next six months, because her album won’t be shifted from the top spot for an awful long time.

Guy Garvey – Angela’s Eyes

Solo projects are interesting because a group effort, by definition, involves compromise. There’s sharpness and blare here, combined with a smooth bit of shuffle. It’s very pleasing on the ears. “I’m a believer in a perfect girl in a world full of lies.” Such a romantic is our Guy.

Aiden – Animal

It’s the trumpeting elephants that secured the place of this track on the playlist. That and the line, ” I was stupid to trust the eye.” *Shakes head at Grimshaw’s typical blokey folly* The meandering bass and emptiness on the track a give space that makes you feel unrushed in your appreciation of it.

The 1975 – Love Me

There was a minor earthquake in June when it looked like The 1975 were no more, but teasers that they, it was just the equivalent of switching the computer off at the wall to reboot it. This track has a very nice left ear, right ear guitar jangle to open, with a synthy wibble. “She’s got a beautiful face, but nothing to say oh.” I sometimes wonder if we’d have any music in the world if men ever got sensible about pretty girls. Perfect pop.

New Order – Plastic

“It’s official, you’re fantastic, you’re so special, so iconic.” Described by several reviewers as their best track for years, it’s a high energy pulsating disco sound that is somehow modern, yet archetypal of the band.

Eric Prydz featuring Rob Swire – Breathe

It’s just a joy to hear Rob’s voice again. The Pendulum frontman has been off the vocal radar recently, being more of a producer these days, but this track appeared on Eric’s Beats 1 radio show from way left of left field. Let’s hope it makes an official release.

The Maccabees – Spit It Out

The boys have produced a stunning threesome of songs and videos from the Marks To Prove It album. This is the final third of the trilogy, rather touchingly dedicated to some murals painted by David Bratby on the Elephant and Castle roundabout.

Starsailor – Give Up The Ghost

A new track to go with the release of the band’s greatest hits album and tour. James Walsh is quoted as saying it came from the energy of getting back together and is about not being ready to give something up despite the challenges it poses.

Editors – Marching Orders

When these boys get it right, they get it SO RIGHT. A rousing uplifting anthem to finish the playlist. It’s simply gorgeous.


  1. Nice selection, though I must say I’m underwhelmed by the Adele. Sounds just like the rest of her stuff and I was expecting perhaps going in new directions a bit after a 4-year break.

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    1. Don’t tell anyone (*shhh*) but I was in two minds as to whether to include it or not. I like her voice but do wonder quite how she’s gained world domination so overwhelmingly. In the end it was one I felt would be churlish to exclude!

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