10 Reasons To Love: Matt Cardle and Melanie C, Loving You.

If you can’t think of ten, you don’t really love it.

1) The opening line, “Leave your door open” and accompanying drum beat immediately put a smile on your face. It’s so damn catchy, and this is clearly not a couple worried about the latest crime statistics.

2) The stuffed animals. Were they put into a trance by what goes on in that house? Which incidentally looks rather bare, and I suspect the teapot went a bit cold. This couple have other things on their mind to the latest interior design fashion statements.

3)  This was Mel C’s first screen kiss. The story goes that Matt approached Mel prior to filming suggesting they “practiced” before shooting, to avoid the on screen nerves. What a lad!

4) The huge amount of flirty interviews flying around while the duo were promoting the song. They played the “Are they, aren’t they?” card to perfection. And then there was this moment at G-A-Y:


5) During the writing process a whole different set of fruity lyrics were experimented with. Mel had to clean up Matt’s filthier inclinations for public consumption. “That’s not appropriate Cardle!”

6) They recorded a version in Spanish, Te Amo. Linguists tell me the accents are rather good.

7) The voices blend beautifully together. And the song works as a duet or a solo song. That’s a pretty adaptable piece of work.

8) Did you gasp when Mel landed the first kiss? Admit it, you thought they’d just shadow box, faff around and tease the hell out of you with all that touching. (Although Matt’s own fans probably had more faith on him getting lucky on the back of the “rolling around in the muck” Lately video – watch here).

9) The over, under, over thing. Sounds like a knitting pattern, but I do wonder if one of them was under when they were meant to be over…

10) The single charted well. That’s actually an enormous achievement for Indie artists because the major labels have a huge stranglehold on all the best radio AirPlay and promotional opportunities. Plus Matt had walked away from Syco and incurred the wrath of the dark lord Cowell, an unforgivable crime, which has deep ramifications in this business, as the likes of Leona Lewis will testify. *Mini fist pump*


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