Summer Playlist 2015

This year’s Summer Playlist has a flavour of longevity about it. Between them Muse, The Prodigy, Blur and The Chemical Brothers notch up around 90 years of music making, but they are still doing an amazing job of delivering fresh tunes. There’s some downright popular stuff too.

1) Muse – Psycho

Let’s kick this playlist into shape with some “encouragement” from the Drill Sergeant. I certainly don’t resemble a killing machine and my war face definitely makes me look like a pussy, but I’d be quite happy if my ass belonged to someone else. Joyous rock.


2) The Prodigy – Get Your Fight On

A slightly less disciplined kind of rucking here. I’d like to see the army try to turn these guys into Superdrones…


3) Chemical Brothers – Go

Stick dancing that bears no resemblance to your average Morris men on the village green.


4) Calvin Harris and Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love

King Calvin knows how to write a catchy track. It’s a summer as it gets.


5) Jungle – Platoon

The playlist wouldn’t be complete without a Glastonbury video, and this one with a cute kid spinning on their head is irresistible.


6) Nick Jonas – Chains

My knowledge of all things Jonas is zilch. In fact I thought this was Will Young singing when I first heard it!


7) Blur – Lonesome Street

Amazing how these fellas can not be around for donkey’s years, then come back with something so quintessentially them, it’s as if they’ve never been away.


8) Example – Whisky Story

I do love a one take video! This is a constant slapdash flashback of the fact that you can meet some right characters on the London Underground and that you’ll invariably find a man in Trafalgar Square in a hi-vis jacket who will keep you satisfied.


9) The Maccabees – Marks To Prove It

Proving that the streets of London can also be treacherous *DON’T STEP IN THE PUDDLES*, this is masterful piece of Indie music – a sensitive vocal from Orlando Weeks over four guitars (yes four, God bless them!) with a pace change mid song to keep it interesting.


10) Foals – What Went Down

Leaving the best until last, an absolute brute of a track. Yannis yanks his microphone lead around in a rare old tizz because when he sees a man he sees a liar. It’s startling and I simply cannot wait for the album.


What are your favourite tracks this Summer?

And in one playlist:


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