Solid as The Rock: Interview with Tom Peters (Part 1)

Team Matt Cardle

Matt’s band – consisting of Tom Peters, Paul Bullen, Lorenzo De Feo and Remy Mallett (and sometimes Richard Lobb) – are known collectively as The Noisy Boys; as the drummer, Tom (aka ‘The Rock’) is the noisiest boy of them all. Onstage, that is – offstage, they might be more appropriately named The Laidback Unassuming Mild-mannered Boys, but surprisingly that name was already taken. You can see what we mean in this behind-the-scenes footage at the Starlight video shoot…

What’s for lunch is always very important

When not working with Matt, The Boys can often be found playing for or collaborating with other artists as a unit. On an individual level, Tom is also an accomplished producer/engineer, having worked with a range of artists including Seven Summers as well as on three of Matt’s solo albums (The Fire, Porcelain and upcoming fourth album). So, considering what a busy chap he is, we…

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