An anniversary blog.


On September 11th 2013, I published my first blog, an album review of AM by Arctic Monkeys (more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box). A year down the line, it’s time for some reflection.

First, the concept. My outlook is overwhelmingly positive. I only write about things I like and am interested in. My blog, my rules. It would be pretty dreadful to be a proper reviewer and have to listen to necessary and relevant stuff, and to have to be so damn critical. Now, of course, I will say if I don’t like some aspect of what I hear, but it will usually be done in a shit sandwich type of way. You have to have elements of balance, but I’m not up for sheer nastiness. Everyone who ever put their music out there deserves respect for the creative risk they take.

Next, the stats. You could get a bit obsessed with them, truth be told. I’ve had over 4000 views, which is pretty minuscule in blogging terms. My most successful blog was a gig review of Matt Cardle’s Porcelain Tour at Shepherd’s Bush. The Cardle fans are a hugely supportive and active gang, but it was probably a twitter retweet from guest performer Melanie C that made the difference. *fangirly moment* I’ve yet to work out what makes the difference to a well viewed blog or otherwise, but the Weekly Photo Challenge generates plenty of views from the WordPress community itself. I guess it’s easy to like a pretty picture. I also have huge amounts to learn about maximising traffic and using social media to the full. I suppose at the end of the day, this is just a personal form of expression, not a business, and I’m simply not driven enough to chase the glory. In altruistic terms, if a blog of mine helps to spread the word about an act or song that I reckon is good, then I’m happy.
So to the future. Unfortunately there is simply not enough time in the day for me to listen to all the music that I would like to. I’m paid to do a day job, and teaching requires full commitment, heart and soul. You get found out pretty quickly if you wing it, and the responsibility to your crop of fledglings is non negotiable. I feel a weird sense of guilt about my inability to hear everything, especially when I realise that something good has completely passed me by. My gig calendar is sufficiently marked for the coming months, in fact I’m so excited about seeing Kasabian in December that I fear a loss of bodily functions when the moment arrives. I metaphorically lay on my back and kicked my legs in the air when I watched their headline set at Glastonbury. Yes, I’m that sad!
Finally, a huge thank you to all of you who take the time and interest to read the blog. Don’t be shy, I welcome any comment or debate you wish to engage in. I hope I can keep your interest in the future.
MW xxx

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