Summer Playlist 2014

So what are the criteria for a Summer Playlist? Something upbeat and positive with a festival feel. Something mellow yet sultry, to remind you of summer places and events. Something you might bear to hear when you’ve got sunstroke and a hangover. Top down music (cars not clothes), catchy (as long as it isn’t pappy) but happy. Hopefully, all bases are covered here.

1) Pharrell Williams – Happy.

It would be quite churlish to leave this out, when it’s the best selling single of the year and we all sing along to it.


2) Southern – Where The Wild Are

It may look like the presence of snow in this video should eliminate it from my Summer playlist, but this bounces along pleasantly and has the upbeat feel I’m looking for.


3) Matt Cardle – When You Were My Girl

This funky bit of stuff got the summer feet stirring on The Porcelain Tour. If the normally restrained Matt “open your eyes” Cardle can whip his shirt off and jig about to this, it must be a mover. Fabulous instrumental section from the band as well.


4) Kasabian – Treat

An unexpected bit of electro-dance from the boys from Les-tah to move the monster homecoming crowd. And we do like a pretty light show, we do. *shallow*


5) Alt-J – Left Hand Free

Rumour has it this track was knocked out in about 20 minutes to appease American bigwigs because they didn’t think Hunger of The Pine would be a big enough single. While this kind of bossiness generally riles me (and it’s been denied by the band subsequently, unless that’s a double bluff of double bluffery) I do prefer this ridiculously catchy track.


6) Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky

Every playlist needs an epic track to hang everything round, and this is simply superb.


7) Morrissey – Istanbul

This feels as muggy and oppressive as the climate in a far off exotic land.


8) George Ezra – Budapest

Without wishing to make the playlist sound like a list of holiday destinations, this is a must from current festival “It Boy” George. Light and breezy, this is in the impossible to dislike category.


9) Coldplay – Sky Full of Stars

There’s a massive feel good factor here because the video was made on the streets of Sydney and features Coldplay fans. And when the lovely Chris Martin smiles and bounces, the world smiles.


10) Royal Blood – Out Of The Black

My favourite set finish of the festival season.


Thanks to twitter followers @Andrea31524209 @alyson_moran and @CatW24 for their suggestions. Video credits @Muffy_Cardle @_ellie_scott_ and the artists themselves (sometimes I preferred the official video, sometimes a live version).

Here we have it in one playlist:


Those are my choices – what would you put on a Summer Playlist for 2014?



    1. Hi Alex – I see you’re an Alt-J fan too – I’m really looking forward to seeing them at Ally Pally next month. Re Matt Cardle, it’s a case of trying to “Listen without prejudice”. He’s actually a talented Indie musician, songwriter and producer who got his break on a TV show. WYWMG was brilliant on tour and fitted with the feel of my Summer playlist. Thank you for your feedback though – I’ve listened to these tracks so much in the last few weeks. I was really hoping folks would give Southern a listen as they are pretty unknown, plus Morrissey might have been forgotten/discarded by some.


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