10 reasons to ♥ Porcelain Tour 2014

Team Matt Cardle

So tour is over… but, quite frankly, we’re not over it. *sigh* Perhaps a little retrospective could turn these post-tour blues black and white?

We all saw bits and pieces of the tour, but few apart from band and crew can say they experienced the whole thing. Two, actually. Yes, we salute our intrepid correspondents: ‘Yappy’ and the slightly drummer-mad ‘Mrs (Tom) Peters’, who attended all 19 dates across the UK and Ireland, making them uniquely qualified for the task. Here are their top 10 personal highlights of Porcelain Tour 2014, as recounted by Yappy…

BmLoaSxIcAAUbql.jpg large

10. ‘Daughter’ in Dublin: Not that I dislike When We Collide, but it was nice to see him be a bit rebellious and ditch it for a cover of one of his favourite bands’ songs.

9. Bath: So close to the stage I could have pulled the plug on his microphone! Which only…

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