12 reasons to ♥ Lately

Team Matt Cardle

“Lately, it won’t come together… but my baby, it’s gonna get better…”

Those words have been swirling around our heads quite a lot…recently – for a variety of reasons, but not least because, as part of an effort to get it to a million views by the end of the month, we’ve been watching the video that accompanies this song more than usual. Now that’s the kind of campaign we can get behind…! Furthermore, it’s given us renewed appreciation for this audiovisual work of art.

tumblr_milewqTFEZ1rmubjto1_500 (credit: Nick Spanos)

As Nick Spanos, the director, put it: “It was shot on February 1st just outside of downtown Los Angeles in what looked like an old bank vault. We brought in bags of dirt, crickets and some rope, and this is what happened…” Here are our 12 reasons to ♥ Lately – we’ll try to keep it clean, unlike those mucky pups rolling…

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