Single Review: Matt Cardle, When You Were My Girl

It’s a funky change of style for Matt in this follow up to his summer duet with Melanie C, Loving You.

In the video, Matt plays both the vocalist and a multitasking trilby bearing dude on double bass, guitar, trumpet and drums. All that’s missing is a harmonica and a bit of oom-pa-pa for the one man band. It all represents the fact that he plays most of the instruments on his records, as well as sharing the production of this track with Toby Smith of Jamiroquai and Jamie Scott.

It’s a typically classy piece of work by director Nick Spanos, echoing the “black and white with a splash of blue” cover on the upcoming album Porcelain (the track previews of which sound very impressive). Their last collaboration, Lately, was a veritable piece of visual art, and Nick clearly knows how to present his subjects with style.

I think if I’d managed to project my range of talents as successfully as this, I too might allow myself to finish with a spin on the toes as if to say “That’s rounded that off” 🙂

When You Were My Girl is available to download here

while the album Porcelain is released on October 28th.

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