Album Review: The Sunset Strip Club. My summer sound of 2013.


You know how it is, youre sitting there checking your twitter account one evening and are a little bit chuffed to see that, for some unknown reason, a band has followed you. It’s flattering. You want to like these lovely people who have specially chosen you. Experience tells you that a lot of these speculative followers are frankly a bit ropey, but you are a music lover, and you want to give a new band a listen, so you check out the links and have a little scout around on You Tube and iTunes, and blow me, soon you find yourself listening to said album 3 times in a day!

This is how the Sunset Strip Club arrived in my life. It turns out the “Strippers” hail from Hull, but actually live in Nice, South France. Earthy and exotic at the same time! The fact is that the eponymously titled album simply doesn’t not feel like the first effort from a band. No baby steps here – it’s immediately likeable, with interesting lyrics, and catchy tunes, and is reminiscent of indie band Hard Fi around the time of Stars of CCTV.

Einstein’s Theory stands out initially, but Speak Slow and Creepy Angel give a strong start to the album. I particularly love Creepy Angel  ” A silhouette of a creepy angel with broken wings and a torture intention … ” Nice girl! Then the final three tracks Left of the moon, Anyone who seems to care and the fabulous A Million Eyes, with it’s sliding guitar chords, give the album a positive balance of tracks that you immediately want to listen to again. (Hence it seems to get three plays in rotation!). It’s my most played album of the summer, and I hope you give them a listen.

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