A Run of Three: Editors, The Weight of Your Love

It’s quite rare to get three absolute crackers holding hands on an album, but the opening of the Editors recent album was stunning.


1) The Weight.

This wonderfully atmospheric track builds brick by brick as the elements of sound are added through the song. The guitar riff is the backbone, with just the right amount of strings added to give the song a touch of class, and some moody operatic vocals. When you’ve had as many Smiths albums in your life as me, you’re not averse to a bit of Morrissey-style melancholia: “I promised myself, I wouldn’t sing about death. I know I’m getting boring now.” Love love love it.


2) Sugar

The guys opened their summer stadium gigs with this belter. The guitar lines drive the song and there’s something rather lovely about seeing a reassuring hairy musician playing his strings with a drumstick. The song is about a sweet girl who swallows Tom whole with just a mumbled hello. Tom Smith comes across as a sensitive and intelligent soul, cool as hell, and not the sort to be turned by a mumble, but I guess we have to run with that idea!


3) A Ton of Love

It was this performance at Glastonbury which really got me into the Editors. The baritone is absolute delicious, and I fear there may be burst arteries with the effort put into the performance. The mike stand gets a good wrenching, along with some “touch your toes” gymnastics. It sounds identical to the album version, which means it must be a great recording, a great live presentation or (probably) both. This ticks all my boxes – big guitars, drums and vocals. My car speakers live in fear of such tracks, as they are liable to be assaulted by them at shocking volume levels. What a happy way to perish though.

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