Of guitars and goldfish

A rather lovely blog about a great event I attended.

Team Matt Cardle

The London Acoustic Guitar Show is a sea of guitars and the people who love them. As we arrived, we were naturally drawn towards the Acoustic Café by the twin sirens of cracking live music and a warm cuppa, and this is where we remained for some time whilst we recovered from our seemingly epic journey and caught up with a number of friendly faces / fellow weary travellers.

Matt Stevens had a guitar that spoke of much love – shabbily battered and taped up – and Elliott Morris did the “guitar as a percussion instrument” thing we’d seen Robert Castellani (who, by the way, was spotted wandering around, along with Ben Montague and Matt Baker) do so well at Highbarn. He was a thoroughly likeable performer – a good line in chat plus a floppy hair thing going on. In fact, everyone we saw impressed.

Thus revived – and sensing…

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